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Resampling Data Using the App

Use the System Identification app to resample time-domain data. To specify additional options, such as the prefilter order, see Resampling Data at the Command Line.

The System Identification app uses idresamp to interpolate or decimate the data. For more information about this command, type help idresamp at the prompt.

To create a new data set by resampling the input and output signals:

  1. Import time-domain data into the System Identification app, as described in Create Data Sets from a Subset of Signal Channels.

  2. Drag the data set you want to resample to the Working Data area.

  3. In the Resampling factor field, enter the factor by which to multiply the current sample time:

    • For decimation (fewer samples), enter a factor greater than 1 to increase the sample time by this factor.

    • For interpolation (more samples), enter a factor less than 1 to decrease the sample time by this factor.

    Default = 1.

  4. In the Data name field, type the name of the new data set. Choose a name that is unique in the Data Board.

  5. Click Insert to add the new data set to the Data Board in the System Identification Toolbox™ window.

  6. Click Close to close the Resample dialog box.

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