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Creating the VideoDevice System Object

You use the imaq.VideoDevice function to create the System object™. You can specify the adaptorname, deviceid, and format at the time of object creation, or it will use defaults, as follows.

obj = imaq.VideoDeviceCreates a VideoDevice System object, obj, that acquires images from a specified image acquisition device. When you specify no parameters, by default, it selects the first available device for the first adaptor returned by imaqhwinfo.
obj = imaq.VideoDevice(adaptorname)Creates a VideoDevice System object, obj, using the first device of the specified adaptorname. adaptorname is a character vector that specifies the name of the adaptor used to communicate with the device. Use the imaqhwinfo function to determine the adaptors available on your system.
obj = imaq.VideoDevice(adaptorname, deviceid)Creates a VideoDevice System object, obj, with the default format for specified adaptorname and deviceid. deviceid is a numeric scalar value that identifies a particular device available through the specified adaptorname. Use the imaqhwinfo(adaptorname) syntax to determine the devices available and corresponding values for deviceid.
obj = imaq.VideoDevice(adaptorname, deviceid, format)Creates a VideoDevice System object, obj, where format is a character vector that specifies a particular video format supported by the device or a device configuration file (also known as a camera file).
obj = imaq.VideoDevice(adaptorname, deviceid, format, P1, V1, ...)Creates a VideoDevice System object, obj, with the specified property values. If an invalid property name or property value is specified, the object is not created.

Specifying properties at the time of object creation is optional. They can also be specified after the object is created. See Using Properties on a VideoDevice System Object for a list of applicable properties.