Mapping Toolbox

Analyze and visualize geographic information

Mapping Toolbox™ provides algorithms, functions, and an app for analyzing geographic data and creating map displays in MATLAB®. You can import vector and raster data from a wide range of file formats and web map servers. The toolbox lets you subset and customize data using trimming, interpolation, resampling, coordinate transformations, and other techniques. Geospatial data can be combined with base map layers from multiple sources in a single map display. You can export data in file formats such as shapefile, GeoTIFF, and KML. By incorporating mapping functions into MATLAB programs, you can automate frequent tasks in your geospatial workflow.

Get Started

Learn the basics of Mapping Toolbox

File Import and Export

Support for shapefile, KML, GeoTIFF, VMAP0, and other common data files

Web Maps

Retrieve map data from Web Map Service (WMS) servers and view web maps in an interactive browser

Map Display

2-D and 3-D map display, customization, and interaction

Data Analysis

Data subsetting, trimming, intersecting, and spatial resolution adjustment

Geometric Geodesy

2-D and 3-D coordinate systems; distances, areas, and curves on the Earth

Coordinate Reference Systems

Transform data to and from Geographic Coordinate Systems (GCS)


Project data with a cylindrical, conic, or azimuthal projection