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List random number generator algorithms


RandStream.list lists all the generator algorithms that can be used when creating a random number stream with RandStream or RandStream.create.

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Random Number Generator Algorithms

The available generator algorithms and their properties are given in the following table.

KeywordGeneratorMultiple Stream and Substream SupportApproximate Period In Full Precision
mt19937arMersenne twisterNo219937-1
dsfmt19937SIMD-oriented fast Mersenne twister No219937-1
mcg16807Multiplicative congruential generatorNo231-2
mlfg6331_64Multiplicative lagged Fibonacci generatorYes2124 (251 streams of length 272)
mrg32k3aCombined multiple recursive generatorYes2191 (263 streams of length 2127)
philox4x32_10Philox 4x32 generator with 10 roundsYes2193 (264 streams of length 2129)
threefry4x64_20Threefry 4x64 generator with 20 roundsYes2514 (2256 streams of length 2258)
shr3congShift-register generator summed with linear congruential generatorNo264
swb2712Modified subtract with borrow generatorNo21492

See Creating and Controlling a Random Number Stream for details about these generator algorithms.


[1] See for a full description of the Mersenne twister algorithm.

Version History

Introduced in R2008b