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Synchronous machines

Drive high-power applications using synchronous machines and simplified synchronous machines.

Simscape Blocks

Synchronous Machine Field CircuitSynchronous machine field circuit per-unit interface with voltage input and current output
Synchronous Machine MeasurementPer-unit measurement from synchronous machine
Synchronous Machine Model 1.0Synchronous machine with field circuit and no damper
Synchronous Machine Model 2.1Synchronous machine with simplified transformation, simplified representation, and fundamental or standard parameterization
Synchronous Machine Round RotorRound-rotor synchronous machine with fundamental or standard parameterization
Synchronous Machine Salient PoleSalient-pole synchronous machine with fundamental or standard parameterization


Machine Parameterization

Specify machine parameters using standard or fundamental parameterization methods.

Per-Unit Conversion for Machine Parameters

Machine blocks convert SI parameters to per-unit parameters.

Initialize Synchronous Machines and Controllers

Initialize Simscape™ Electrical™ synchronous machines and controllers by specifying steady-state power and voltage values.

Machine Plotting and Display Options

Display and plot output values for Simscape Electrical Power Systems machine blocks using the Electrical menu.

Build Custom Blocks Using the Three-Phase Electrical Domain

Develop custom three-phase electrical blocks using Simscape language.