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Extract frame segments from an ensemble member

Since R2020a


readframeIntervals is a function used in code generated by Diagnostic Feature Designer.

frames = readFrameIntervals(memberdata) extracts the start and stop times for each frame into a table for the first frame policy in a set of frame policies. A frame policy specifies the frame size and frame rate, and enables frame-based rather than full-signal signal processing and feature extraction.

Code that is generated by Diagnostic Feature Designer uses readFrameIntervals when it processes inputs with both full and framed signals, such as when the code includes ensemble statistics processing and frame-based signal and feature processing.

frames = readFrameIntervals(memberdata,framepolid) extracts the frame segments using the specified frame policy ID. For instance, readFrameIntervals(ensembleStatistics,"FRM_2") extracts the intervals using the second frame policy.

Input Arguments

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Member data set, specified as a row within an ensemble data set.

Frame policy ID, specified as a string formatted as FRM_<frame policy index>. For instance, "FRM_2".

Output Arguments

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Frame start and stop times, specified as an nf-by-2 table, where nf is the number of frames in the signal.

Version History

Introduced in R2020a