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3D models, textures, GIS files, and other data shared by multiple RoadRunner scenes

Assets are 3D models, textures, GIS files, and other data that are shared by multiple RoadRunner scenes. You can view and modify assets from the Library Browser. For general information about assets, refer to the Project System page. RoadRunner also supports a variety of file formats for developing your own assets.

RoadRunner comes installed with a small library of various assets to get you started. With a RoadRunner Asset Library license, you can install hundreds of additional assets to use in your scenes.

  • Texture and Material Assets
    Textures and materials for defining the visual properties of surfaces and objects
  • Prop Assets
    Traffic signals, trees, signs, and other 3D objects that can be placed within a scene
  • Marking Assets
    Lane markings, crosswalk markings, and other road markings
  • Road Assets
    Templates defining the properties of roads
  • GIS Assets
    Elevation data, aerial imagery, and other assets carrying georeferencing information