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Access Memory in Generated Code Using Global Data Map

Simulink® Coder™ provides a Target Language Compiler (TLC) function library that lets you create a global data map record. The global data map record, when generated, is added to the CompiledModel structure in the model.rtw file. The global data map record is a database containing information required for accessing memory in the generated code, including

  • Signals (Block I/O)

  • Parameters

  • Data type work vectors (DWork)

  • External inputs

  • External outputs

Use of the global data map requires knowledge of the Target Language Compiler and of the structure of the model.rtw file. See Target Language Compiler Overview for information on these topics.

The TLC functions that are required to generate and access the global data map record are contained in matlabroot/rtw/c/tlc/mw/globalmaplib.tlc. The comments in the source code fully document the global data map structures and the library functions.

The global data map structures and functions might be modified or enhanced in future releases.

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