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Chebyshev Window

The Chebyshev window minimizes the mainlobe width, given a particular sidelobe height. It is characterized by an equiripple behavior. Its sidelobes all have the same height.

Generate and display a 50-point Chebyshev window with a sidelobe attenuation of 40 dB.

w = chebwin(50,40);

Figure Window Visualization Tool contains 2 axes objects and other objects of type uimenu, uitoolbar, uipanel. Axes object 1 with title Time domain, xlabel Samples, ylabel Amplitude contains an object of type line. Axes object 2 with title Frequency domain, xlabel Normalized Frequency (\times\pi rad/sample), ylabel Magnitude (dB) contains an object of type line.

As shown in the time-domain plot, the Chebyshev window has large spikes at its outer samples.

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