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Keyboard Shortcuts for SimBiology Model Builder

On macOS, use the command key instead of Ctrl.

Shortcuts for Diagram

UndoCtrl + Z
RedoCtrl +Shift + Z

Copy block

Ctrl + C

Paste block

Ctrl + V

Delete block


Select the next clone of a species


Select the previous clone of a species

Shift + Tab

Move block up by 1 pixel

Up arrow

Move block down by 1 pixel

Down arrow

Move block left by 1 pixel

Left arrow

Move block right by 1 pixel

Right arrow

Zoom in

Ctrl + +

Zoom out

Ctrl +

Select usages of a quantity

Alt + Click a quantity block

Shortcuts for Browser Tables


Select all rows

Ctrl + A

Copy a model component

Ctrl + C

Paste a model component

Ctrl + V

Expand all rows

Ctrl + Shift+ Right arrow

Collapse all rows

Ctrl + Shift+ Left arrow

Expand a row

Ctrl + Right arrow

Collapse a row

Ctrl + Left arrow

On a Variants or Doses tab, jump the focus from the top (variants or doses) table to the first editable field in the next (Content or Properties) section.

Ctrl + J

Add a compartment

Alt + C

Add a parameter

Alt + P

Add a reaction

Alt + R

Add an algebraic rule

Alt + A

Add an event

Alt + E

Add an initial assignment rule

Alt + I

Add a repeated assignment rule

Alt + T

Add a rate rule

Alt + L

Add an observable expression

Alt + O

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