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Class: matlab.DiscreteEventSystem
Namespace: matlab

Event action to accept or refuse entity


accept = testEntry(obj,storage,entity,source,in1,...)


accept = testEntry(obj,storage,entity,source,in1,...) specifies if the storage can accept entity.

Input Arguments

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Discrete-event System object.

Index of the storage element.

Entity entering storage component. Entity has these fields:

  • sys (MATLAB structure) — It has these fields:

    • id (double) — Entity ID

    • priority (double) — Entity priority

  • data — Entity data

Source location of entity, such as an input port or a storage element. It has these fields:

  • type (character vector) — Specify input or storage

  • index (double) — Input or storage index

Any data inputs of the object. These input arguments exist only when the object has data inputs.

Output Arguments

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Storage accepts entity if true. Otherwise, if false, it does not accept the entity.


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Accept or refuse an entity entering the storage.

function bool = testEntry(obj,storage,entity,src)
    % Test if entity is accepted
    bool = obj.isEntityAcceptable(obj, entity);

Version History

Introduced in R2018a