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Idealized Baseband Library

Use Idealized Baseband Library

The RF Blockset™ Idealized Baseband library extends your Simulink® environment with a library of blocks that model single-carrier complex-baseband systems with discrete-time signals. You can directly couple blocks from this library with DSP System Toolbox™ blocks or other Simulink blocks to estimate the impact of RF phenomena on overall system performance.

The RF Blockset Idealized Baseband library includes RF amplifiers, filters, and mixers. In the Simulink environment, you connect these Idealized Baseband library blocks to other Simulink blocks to represent a higher abstract level for your RF architecture.

Additionally, you can use this library with Simulink Coder™ software to generate embeddable C code for real-time execution.

Open Idealized Baseband Library

To open the top-level RF Blockset library window, type this at the MATLAB® command line:


top-level RF Blockset library

Each yellow block in the window represents a time-domain complex-baseband library with different capabilities. Double-click the Idealized Baseband icon to open the library or type this at the MATLAB command line.


Idealized Baseband library

Idealized Baseband library blocks assume perfect impedance matching. This implies no loading effects and that the signal and power flows are unidirectional. The blocks in this library perform as standard Simulink blocks. In contrast, the Equivalent Baseband and Circuit Envelope blocks do not assume perfect matching. These blocks are physical, model bidirectional power flow, and include loading effects and reflections at each block boundary. The Equivalent Baseband or Circuit Envelope blocks can connect only to blocks from their respective libraries. To interface these two libraries with Simulink blocks, the Input Port and Output Port blocks are required.

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