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Change Signal Editor Default Layout

When you start the Signal Editor tool, the Signal Editor appears in its default layout.

Signal Editor default layout

By default, the desktop includes these tools.



Top of tool

By default, the toolstrip includes two tabs: Signal Editor and Edit.


Top left pane below toolstrip

Manage scenarios and signals.

Input Properties

Bottom left pane

Manage signal properties.


Right pane below toolstrip

Manage signal time and data.

Axes Properties

Bottom right paneManage x- and y-axes properties.

You can change the layout as you wish. The changes persist between MATLAB® sessions.

Hide Toolstrip

To hide the toolstrip, click hide toolstrip on the bottom right of the toolstrip. To restore the toolstrip, right-click the hidden toolstrip band and select Restore Toolstrip.

Minimize Signal Editor Tools

To hide Signal Editor tools, click Actions and select Collapse Panel. To restore the tool, right-click select Expand Panel.

Move Signal Editor Tools

To move Signal Editor tools, left-click the title bar of the tool and drag the tool to the desired location.

Selected Inputs pane

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