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Description property

Class: ModelAdvisor.Task
Namespace: ModelAdvisor

Description of task


Character vector

Default: '' (empty character vector)


The Description property is a description of the task that the Model Advisor displays in the Analysis box.

When adding checks as tasks, the Model Advisor uses the task Description property instead of the check TitleTips property.


MAT1 = ModelAdvisor.Task('com.mathworks.sample.TaskSample1');
MAT1.DisplayName='Example task 1';
MAT1.Description='This is the first example task.'

MAT2 = ModelAdvisor.Task('com.mathworks.sample.TaskSample2');
MAT2.DisplayName='Example task 2';
MAT2.Description='This is the second example task.'

MAT3 = ModelAdvisor.Task('com.mathworks.sample.TaskSample3');
MAT3.DisplayName='Example task 3';
MAT3.Description='This is the third example task.'