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DisplayName property

Class: ModelAdvisor.Task
Namespace: ModelAdvisor

Name of task


Character vector

Default: '' (empty character vector)


The DisplayName property specifies the name of the task. The Model Advisor displays each custom task in the tree using the name of the task. Therefore, you should specify a unique name for each task. When you specify the same name for multiple tasks, the Model Advisor generates a warning.

When adding checks as tasks, the Model Advisor uses the task DisplayName property instead of the check Title property.


MAT1 = ModelAdvisor.Task('com.mathworks.sample.TaskSample1');
MAT1.DisplayName='Example task with input parameter and auto-fix ability';

MAT2 = ModelAdvisor.Task('com.mathworks.sample.TaskSample2');
MAT2.DisplayName='Example task 2';

MAT3 = ModelAdvisor.Task('com.mathworks.sample.TaskSample3');
MAT3.DisplayName='Example task 3';