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Save last run in workspace variable

Save results of most recent coverage analysis to MATLAB workspace

Model Configuration Pane: Coverage


The Save last run in workspace variable parameter specifies whether to save the coverage analysis data from simulations to a variable in the base MATLAB® workspace. Selecting this parameter creates a cvdata object in the workspace that contains the coverage results for your simulation.

You can retrieve coverage information from the cvdata object by using cvdata Object Functions. For example, use decisioninfo to retrieve decision coverage results.


To enable this parameter, select the Enable coverage analysis parameter.


off (default) | on

Do not save coverage data in a MATLAB variable.


Save coverage data in a cvdata object in the MATLAB workspace. You can specify the variable name using the cvdata object name parameter. You can choose to create a new object for each simulation by selecting the Increment variable name with each simulation parameter.

Programmatic Use

Parameter: CovSaveSingleToWorkspaceVar
Type: character vector | string
Value: "on" | "off"
Default: "off"

Version History

Introduced before R2006a