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Configure Requirements Toolbox for Interaction with Microsoft Office and IBM DOORS

Requirements Toolbox™ communicates with external tools such as Microsoft® Office, IBM® DOORS®, and IBM DOORS Next so that you can import requirements and establish links between requirements and Model-Based Design items such as Simulink® model elements and tests.

You can configure MATLAB® and Simulink to:

  • Use ActiveX® controls for navigation from Microsoft Office documents to Simulink models (Windows® only).

  • Use Requirements Toolbox with IBM DOORS software (Windows only).

  • Use Requirements Toolbox with IBM DOORS Next web server.


MATLAB Online™ does not support importing requirements from or linking to requirements in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel®, or IBM DOORS documents.

Configure Requirements Toolbox for Microsoft Office

If your external requirements document contains backlinks that use ActiveX controls, to use the backlinks, you must register ActiveX controls.

  1. Run MATLAB as an administrator.

  2. At the command prompt, enter:

    rmi setup

  3. Press Y to register the current MATLAB installation as an ActiveX Automation Server.

Configure Requirements Toolbox for IBM DOORS

After you install IBM DOORS, you must configure your IBM DOORS installation to communicate with MATLAB.

  1. Run MATLAB as an administrator.

  2. At the command prompt, enter:

    rmi setup doors

  3. Press Y to complete the ActiveX Automation Server setup.

  4. Verify the path to your IBM DOORS installation. The setup utility lists the DOORS client installations on your system. You can select a file path from the list or manually enter the path to the folder.

    If MATLAB did not detect your DOORS installation, press 2 to enter the installation folder.

  5. Restart MATLAB using a non-administrator account.

  6. At the command prompt, enter:

    rmi setup doors

You only need to perform this configuration once.


If Requirements Toolbox does not communicate after performing this setup, try the setup process described in Configure Requirements Toolbox for IBM DOORS Software.

Configure an IBM DOORS Next Server for Integration with Requirements Toolbox

To interface with IBM DOORS Next, at the start of each MATLAB session, you must configure the session to interface with IBM DOORS Next by using slreq.dngConfigure. For more information, see Configure IBM DOORS Next Session.

Install Widget in IBM DOORS Next Dashboard

In order to link to requirements in IBM DOORS Next without manually specifying the link details, you must install the Requirements Toolbox widget and enable dropins.

To install the widget:

  1. In MATLAB, execute this code to identify the location of the resources folder in your MATLAB installation.

    fullfile(matlabroot,"toolbox","slrequirements", ...

  2. Open the resources folder in your system file browser.

  3. In the resources folder, copy the widget folder into the extensions folder, which is in the IBM DOORS Next server installation folder. Set the widget to the correct folder name. Use this table to determine the widget folder name.

    MATLAB ReleaseWidget NameWidget Folder Name
    R2023bMathWorks Requirements ToolboxmwWidgetForDNG
    R2021bSimulink Requirementsdngsllink_config
    R2018bSelection for Simulinkdngsllink

  4. Configure the DOORS Next server for custom extensions, enable dropins, and then restart the server. For more information, see Hosting extensions on the IBM website.

  5. In IBM DOORS Next, add the widget to your dashboard. For more information, see Adding an OpenSocial Gadget on the IBM website.

    Specify the URL field as the URL to the dngsllink_config.xml file. The file is in the server installation folder, in the extensions folder, in the widget folder.

    For example, if you have Liberty server installed on Windows, the extensions folder might be located in: C:\Program Files\IBM\JazzTeamServer_7.3\server\liberty\servers\clm\dropins\war\extensions. If you are using R2022a or after, the corresponding URL to the dngsllink_config.xml file is https://JAZZSERVERNAME:9443/extensions/mwWidgetForDNG/dngsllink_config.xml.


    If you are using IBM DOORS Next version 7.0.3 or later and want the widget to communicate with your IBM DOORS Next project, you must set up allowlists. For information about setting up allowlists, see Setting up allowlists to prevent SSRF attacks on the IBM website. Specify the External resources allowlist property as the URL to the dngsllink_config.xml file.

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