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Class: simscape.multibody.CompiledMultibody
Namespace: simscape.multibody

Return acceleration of joint primitive

Since R2024a


[accel] = jointPrimitiveAcceleration(cmb,jointPrimitive,dynamicsResult) returns the acceleration of the specified joint primitive in the given dynamics results. The dynamicsResult argument represented by a simscape.multibody.DynamicsResult object contains the dynamics results of a multibody model. The object must be generated from the same simscape.multibody.CompiledMultibody object that represents cmb.

You can query the accelerations of these joint primitives:

  • Revolute primitive

  • Prismatic primitive

  • Spherical primitive

  • Lead Screw primitive

  • Constant Velocity primitive

For an example on how to query joint accelerations in a dynamics problem, see Examples.

Input Arguments

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Compiled multibody system, specified as a simscape.multibody.CompiledMultibody object.

Path of the joint primitive, specified as a string scalar or character vector. Separate the path elements by using forward slashes.

Example: "Bottom_Right_Joint/Rz"

Dynamics results of the multibody model, specified as a simscape.multibody.DynamicsResult object.

Output Arguments

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Acceleration of the joint primitive, returned as a simscape.Value object. The form of the value depends on the type of the joint primitive:

Primitive TypeType of Returned Position
Revolutesimscape.Value object that represents a scalar with a unit of angular acceleration
Prismaticsimscape.Value object that represents a scalar with a unit of linear acceleration
Sphericalsimscape.Value object that represents a 3-by-1 vector with a unit of angular acceleration. The vector is resolved in the follower frame.
Lead Screwsimscape.Value object that represents a scalar with a unit of angular acceleration
Constant Velocitysimscape.Value object that represents a 2-by-1 vector with a unit of angular acceleration, where the first element is the bend angle and the second element is the azimuth



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Version History

Introduced in R2024a