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Multibody Simulation Issues

Under certain conditions, a model that you simulate can behave in unexpected ways. Some issues that you can encounter while simulating a Simscape™ Multibody™ model include:

Limited visualization in models with For Each Subsystem blocks.  Models with one or more For Each Subsystem blocks simulate with limited visualization. The Mechanics Explorer visualization utility displays the model in only one of the instances provided by the For Each Subsystem blocks. Model simulation is not affected.

No visualization in models with Model blocks.  Models with Model blocks (often referred to as referenced models) simulate without visualization. During simulation, Simscape Multibody software issues a warning at the MATLAB® command line. If previously closed, The Mechanics Explorer visualization utility does not open.

No Simscape local solver support.  Simscape Multibody software does not support Simscape local solvers. If you select a local solver in the Simscape Solver Configuration block, the solver does not apply to the Simscape Multibody portion of a model—which relies exclusively on the global Simulink® solver selected in the Model Configuration Parameters window.