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Configure Simulink Model for Deployment in Hardware-in-the-Loop (HITL) Simulation

Configure PX4 Controller Model in Simulink

After completing the Hardware setup process, prepare the flight controller algorithm using the Simulink® blocks available in the UAV Toolbox Support Package for PX4® Autopilots. Perform these steps to configure the Simulink model.

  1. In the Modeling tab, click Model Settings.

  2. In the Configuration Parameters dialog box, choose any Pixhawk® Series board.

    Select hardware board

  3. Click HITL and then select Enable HITL Mode.

    Enable HITL

  4. Select the Simulator to be run for HITL.

  5. Click MAVLink and ensure that Enable MAVLink on /dev/ttyACM0 option is selected.

    Enable MAVLink

  6. Click Apply and then click OK.

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