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What are the code that i should use ??

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Yann il 6 Nov 2013
A uniform linear antenna array consists of n elements and the separation between the antennas is given by d. For the case of -180≤ Φ ≤ 180, plot out the E-plane field pattern (Both rectangular and polar plots). Determine using MATLAB the following and prove using calculation/appropriate formulae that these values are same: (a) The azimuth angle where the Maximum occurs. (b) The azimuth angles where the Nulls occur. (c) The azimuth angles where the sidelobes peaks occur. (d) The beamwidth (e) Power loss. Comment on the results obtained. (Remember that the antenna pattern should always be normalised to a maximum of 1.0, that is, you should make use of the unit circle for polar plot)
For : End-fire array of 12 elements with d = λ/4, using multiplication of patterns.

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Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro
This sounds like homework. If you want some help you would need to make some effort and start your own code and ask questions if you get stuck.


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