MathWorks Certificate Associate Exam Preparation

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Deepayan Bhadra
Deepayan Bhadra il 18 Dic 2013
Risposto: Luca il 29 Giu 2018
I am planning to write the exam in February. Apart from the MathWorks Online course, I wanted to know if there is any useful book published by MathWorks and available for purchase. What kind of difficulty level is the user tested for? Also, what is the deadline for registering for an upcoming exam?

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Luca il 28 Giu 2018
Modificato: Luca il 28 Giu 2018
Me too I would know how to prepare for the exam. Are there any specific book?

Dina Yagodich
Dina Yagodich il 29 Giu 2018
I just took the test last week. With one small exception, all questions were definitely covered in teh Fundamentals class. I think I would go through the class twice if you don't have MATLAB experience prior to the class. Pay attention to small details and commands. I would go through those 5 practice test questions MathWorks gives and thoroughly understand the details behind - not just the correct answers -- but what makes the wrong answers wrong.

Luca il 29 Giu 2018
Modificato: Luca il 29 Giu 2018
I am a mechanical engineering student, I took the courses (onramp, fondamentals, Programming techniques,linear algebra) online but I would like a series of quizzes to practice. Could you help me somehow? Thanks
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Dua Zaidi
Dua Zaidi il 23 Ott 2018

Did you purchase the Fundamental course or is it online available free of cost?

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Luca il 29 Giu 2018
Grazie :)


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