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Writing labels & data to a CSV file for face recognition.

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I have done PCA for 21 images of the same person in different conditions. LAst step of the PCA is projection of original data : signals=PC'*data. Size of signals is 21*21, now I want to write this to a CSV file with a label as +1. Please guide me how to do this in matlab. I tried csvwrite but it does not write the labels, only the data.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 3 Gen 2014
csvwrite() and dlmwrite() are only for numeric data.
You could try writing the header first using fopen/fprintf/fclose and then asking one of the two to write starting from row 2.
If you are using MS Windows with Excel installed, you can use xlswrite() to write a .csv file, starting with a cell array.
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sidra il 4 Gen 2014
Walter : I used csvwrite(filename,[y data]) where y is a column matrix containing the labels.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 4 Gen 2014
Why does it have to be a csv file? Are you planning on using it in some other software? Why not just store in a .mat file?

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