Flow of control in GUIs

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divya r
divya r il 3 Apr 2014
Risposto: Sara il 3 Apr 2014
My question is pretty rudimentary. I am unable to see the sequence in which the functions are being called in a GUI.
I realized that the OpeningFcn and the outputFcn are the first and last to be called. BUt the rest in between is very confusing.
What I want to do, is pass a path to a directory to save some data (from the main code to the GUI function) and allow the user to save the data is a push button is pressed. When I am passing it as an argument, it is stored in a variable called varargin in the GUI function. But by the time the code for the push button call back is called, the varargin variable is deleted on its own.
I am very confused about how to implement it.

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Sara il 3 Apr 2014
The callback functions are called when you interact with a component in the gui. So, for instance, when you click on the pushbutton, its callback is called (if you used GUIDE, the callback is created automatically). To "save" variables in a gui you have to put them in the handles variable, e.g.:
handles.my_var = my_var;
and then use the command:
guidata(hObject, handles);
at the end of the functions called by the components in the gui (e.g., in the callback of your pushbutton, the opening function).


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