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Doubt regarding SoC states of batteries

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NN il 26 Ago 2021
Commentato: NN il 3 Set 2021
Dear All,
In this matlab example if we check the SoC of batteries during charging and discharging operation, it shows very less variation like fro 90 % to 90.000005 .Why is it like that ?
or the variation will be very less like this as per the time considered?
Please explain
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 3 Set 2021
I see the SoC for the profiles now.
I guess you could replace that lookup table with something else. Or edit the breakpoints so that it effectively only initializes at the beginning ?
NN il 3 Set 2021
i need to input look up table from the simout file in workspace during the cource of simulation .But how can i input "table data" in look up table from simulink instantaneously?

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