reading from txt file and using repmat for single column of the matrix

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I have a dataset that has columns A and B separated by tab. I need to do the following: 1. Read the txt file using Uigetfile. 2. Remove the first 4 lines and last 10 lines from the dataset. 3. Repmat column 2, 10 times so that the new dataset will have 11 columns. 4. Write the new dataset into a file.
thanks for inputs.

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Ram il 24 Ago 2011
I have been able to read the file (not using Uigetfile) but hardcoded in the fopen command. Once i read the file and when using repmat I am not able to replicate the column B, but instead the 2nd datapoint gets replicated.

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 24 Ago 2011
YourData(:,3:11) = repmat(YourData(:,2),1,10));

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