I want to Calculate how much Time my code take to simulate. What changes in the code should be considered

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close all clc %Input paramters nx=10; %Number of grid points ny=nx; x=linspace(0,1,nx); y=linspace(0,1,ny); dx= x(2)-x(1); dy=dx; %Error criteria error=1; tolerance=1e-6; %Defining Boundary Conditions T_L=100; T_T=400; T_R=300; T_B=200; T=300*ones(nx,ny); T(2:ny-1,1)=T_L; T(2:ny-1,nx)=T_R; T(1,2:nx-1)=T_T; T(ny,2:nx-1)=T_B; %Calcualting Average temp at corners T(1,1)=(T_T+T_L)/2; T(nx,ny)=(T_R+T_B)/2; T(1,ny)=(T_T+T_R)/2; T(nx,1)=(T_L+T_B)/2; %Assigning Orginal Values to T T_initial=T; T_old=T; % Jacobi method iterative_solver=1; if iterative_solver==1 jacobi_iteration=1; while(error>tolerance) for i=2:nx-1 for j=2:ny-1 T(i,j)=0.25*(T_old(i-1,j)+T_old(i+1,j)+T_old(i,j+1)+T_old(i,j-1)); end end error=max(max(abs(T_old-T))); T_old=T; jacobi_iteration=jacobi_iteration+1; end end %plotting graphs figure() contourf(x,y,T) clabel(contourf(x,y,T)) colorbar colormap(jet) set(gca,'ydir','reverse') xlabel("X Axis") ylabel("Y Axis") title(sprintf("No of Jacobi iterations(Implicit)=%d", jacobi_iteration));

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Abolfazl Chaman Motlagh
Abolfazl Chaman Motlagh on 6 Sep 2021
use :
%% Your Code
toc % or Time = toc;
the output of calling toc, return how much time it takes from tic, to toc.

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