Question about finding the optimal value _Problem based optimization

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I have tried to plot the values of optimal solution (minimal cost in this problem)
When I used the command
options = optimoptions(prob.optimoptions,'Display','iter');
I am getting a big value of 8.97e10 $/hr as Fval(optimal solution).
Please check this and confirm if it is correct or not or since the problem using an optimized time vector(dt=300), Is it required to modify the fval we get at the end (8.97e10 $/hr.)?
Please let me know. I am attaching the modified files(battsolaropt) and the diagnostic viewer screen for your reference. It is written No feasible solution was found.
Also please let me know why a gain of (3600*100) is used for calculating cost in Simulink, Why 100 is there?
Kindly advice.

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