Antenna far field plot

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Jose Iglesias
Jose Iglesias on 27 Oct 2021
Answered: Arthi Sathyamurthi on 30 Dec 2021
I am trying to plot an E field radiation pattern in the far field. I tried to create the code but when I execute the plot,I do not see a pattern. I am including the code I came up with and the parameters I am using to create the E field for the plot. Perhaps someone here can tell me what is missing from my code or what I need to change. I am trying to imprrove my MATLAB skills. The E field is Sin Y/Y * Sin Z/Z which are sinc functions.
theta = 0:.01:2*pi;
t= theta;
phi = pi/2;
phino = pi/4;
lambda = 1;
L = lambda;
k = 2*pi/L;
a = 1;
b = 1;
Y = sin(k*a/(2)*(sin(phino) + sin(t)*sin(phi)))./(k*a/(2)*(sin(phino) + sin(t)*sin(phi)));
Z = sin(k*b/(2)*cos(t))./(k*b/(2)*cos(t));
E = sin(Y)./(Y) *sin(Z)./(Z); This is the E field

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Arthi Sathyamurthi
Arthi Sathyamurthi on 30 Dec 2021
Since the type of antenna is not metioned, the pattern which is expected is unknown. So just considering the equations given and from your code, the major reason for not beig able to observe a polar plot was that equation of E had incorrect dimensions for matrix multiplication and the syntax of polarplot function was wrong. You can look into the documention here for examples on how to plot a polarplot. I have modified those lines alone and have attached the code snippet.
E = sin(Y)./(Y) .* sin(Z)./(Z); % Use .* to do elementwise multiplication
polarplot(theta,E) % phi an phino are constants
Further if u have a specific antenna you want to plot, you can create the antenna from the list of antennas here and use the pattern function.

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