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How to resize the mask dialog box?

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Sylvain il 28 Ott 2021
Commentato: Sylvain il 6 Mag 2022
I have developped a masked for a subsystem, which contains a lot of parameters. I am using containers, but the result is not that great graphically.
Is there any way to enlarge the mask dialog box?
How can I resize the sliders ?
If not, what would be the alternative?
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Pavan Guntha
Pavan Guntha il 18 Nov 2021
Hi Sylvain,
1) Is there any way to enlarge the mask dialog box? - In order to resize the mask, you could just drag the mask to vary its size.
2) How can I resize the sliders ? - Would you want the sliders in the mask resize automatically based on the size of the mask ? (i.e., varying the mask size should reflect in the size of the sliders?)
Sylvain il 6 Mag 2022
Hi @Pavan Guntha, sorry for the delay,
thank you for the comments. I am not intending to resize the mask, but the dialog box to make it wider. The default size is not very convenient, as I need to scroll down a lot. I would like to expand the layout.
When enlarging the dialog box, I want the slider to resize automatically.
Hope this clarify my question,
kind regards,

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