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How to Find Number of Group of Scattered Data?

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I have scatterd data as shown in below:
I want to find the number of group (the resultant total number of groups may be three in this case).
And then, I want to find the centriod of each group.
Is there a proper matlab command? How to realize it?
I eagerly await your reply. Thank you very much.
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Rik il 3 Nov 2021
Can you attach your data? It seems like a function like knnsearch will do the trick.
Changwoo Lee
Changwoo Lee il 3 Nov 2021
Modificato: Changwoo Lee il 3 Nov 2021
First of all, Thank you for your reply.
The data can be generated using the following code.
x=[rand(10,1); (10+2*rand(20,1)); (20+4*rand(30,1))];
In this problem, we don't how many number of group. Thus, we should find the number of group using the algorithm.
For example, it may be realized by using information on the centriod of group and user-defined-specific ellipse.

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KSSV il 3 Nov 2021
Read about kmeans, clusterdata.

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