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Color recognition using a computer camera

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almog haviv
almog haviv il 11 Gen 2022
Commentato: Image Analyst il 12 Gen 2022
I am involved in a project of image processing, and need to detect colors from the computer of the computer live, by changing values.
Does anyone have a code? Or can help?
Thanks in advance!

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 11 Gen 2022
You can look at the Color Thresholder on the Apps tab of the tool ribbon. Or else click on the "Color segmentation" tag on the right side of this page.
Or see my File Exchange:
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almog haviv
almog haviv il 12 Gen 2022
Do you have a color identification code from a USB camera?
Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 12 Gen 2022
@almog haviv, it doesn't matter how the image was obtained. All that matters is if you have an image.
See my attached demo where I track a green Sharpie ® marker in a recorded movie. 🙂

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