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How to generate RTW file programmatically?

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Soham Sinha
Soham Sinha il 29 Gen 2022
Commentato: Mark McBroom il 1 Feb 2022
Is there any API to generate only the rtw file programmatically for a subsystem or a model?
For example, slbuild builds the entire model or a subsystem. Is there any way to just generate the model.rtw or subsystem.rtw.
Also is there any way to just generate code for a particular subsystem or a model, and not try to build the entire model itself?
It seems like %include "codegenentry" does this. However, I found no programmatic (in matlab) way to call this on a subsystem or model. Only interface is the slbuild which builds the entire model including compilation of the generated code.

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom il 29 Gen 2022
slbuild() can be used to generate code for a subsystem:
% open example model
%generate code for subsystem
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Soham Sinha
Soham Sinha il 1 Feb 2022
But slbuild is prohibited to be called recursively. So if I am compiling a top model, I cannot compile a subsystem independently.
I don't even want to compile the whole model or the subsystem as well. I just want to generate the respective code for a subsystem. Is there any API just for code generation, not building the entire subsystem/model?
Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom il 1 Feb 2022
No, it is not possible to build/update/genereate code only for a subsystem. This is because Simulink needs to understand the context in which the subsystem is being used ( rates, data types, sizes, etc) before code can be generated. If you want code only for a subsystem, you will need to place into a seperate model and reference that model from the parent model. You can then use the following slbuild option to only generate code for the referenced model:

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