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Simulink continues to run after stop and create new copy function as error

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Hi, I am traing to train a PPO agent on a simulink environment using Reinfrocement Learning Toolbox. An error occurs every time I use "sample time command" to check dimensions and sample time options of the blocks, or after I run the entire simulation (or training). The Simulink model continue to run after stop! In the worst cases the function is totally deleted!
So when I start a new simulation or operation I get errors due to the fact that some functions inside some matlab function block have been copied. Of course they are not closed by and END so the error text shows just this fact wich is not helping.
To run another train/simulation I need to use the command CTRL+C in the command window and get the following error. It seems that every time I do like this and get the error, some of the function in the matlab blocks are copied!
If I don't do this and simply train/run the simualation I get the following error in the command window but i am not sure they are correlated because others time it doesn't show up.
So, the simulink environment is the following:
Thanks to anyone who help!

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