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Simulink Coder: no such file or directory - path problem in gmake

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AL on 12 Dec 2014
Commented: likho Xunge on 26 Sep 2019
Hey there,
I want to build and compile code with Simulink Coder out of a SimPowerSystems model. So far so good: code building is working, but compiling does not work.
The Error message: D:/Program: No such file or directory Files/MATLAB/R2014a\rtw\c\tools\lcc64tools.mak: No such file or directory
gmake: *** No rule to make target `Files/MATLAB/R2014a\rtw\c\tools\lcc64tools.mak'. Stop.
Well, it seems the path in line 153 is not working right. The complete installation path is:
MATLAB_ROOT = D:/Program Files/MATLAB/R2014a
and line 153 is this one:
include $(MATLAB_ROOT)\rtw\c\tools\lcc64tools.mak
One workaround is to copy lcc64tools.mak to a path without space in the name, like
and change the path in the .mk-file. But then, with every new compilation, i need to change it again...
And in the end, there are still even more files gmake needs and actually its not that professional to throw around the directories. So... do you have any tips for me to get gmake to the right path without re-installing matlab (to a path without space in the path)?
Any help is appreciated.
Thank you!


Anup on 10 Nov 2015
Hi there, I am facing the same problem too. Were you able to solve this issue? Thanks!
likho Xunge
likho Xunge on 26 Sep 2019
i'm encounting the same error, did you guys ever found a way to bypass this?
thank you

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Pranav Asokan
Pranav Asokan on 22 Mar 2019
I believe gmake did not support path with spaces (at least till 3.8.2) and this could have been the issue while compiling.


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