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How to account for a change in variabale name when using "find"?

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Hi all,
I have a large excell file in which I am intending to find a specific variables in this way:
idx_lfoot_start = find(strcmp(data_raw(:, 2), '"HX210.11.31.M9-LF S0060"'));
idx_lfoot_end = find(strcmp(data_raw(:, 2), '"HX210.11.31.M9-RF S0060"'));
However, the variables, depending on a file, can be named:
"HX210.11.31.M7-LF S0060"
"HX210.11.31.M7-RF S0060"
I am using this variable as an index to extract data, an example below. If I do not acccount for this variation in the name, nothing is identified. How could I account for this in the code?
% indices between idx_lfoot_start and idx_lfoot_end
idx = arrayfun(@(idxStart, idxEnd) idxStart:idxEnd, idx_lfoot_start, idx_lfoot_end,...
'UniformOutput', false);
% corresponding values for variables of interest
c.l_avgP = cellfun(@(idxx) data_raw(idxx(strcmp(data_raw(idxx, 1), ...
'Average Pressure (PSI)')), 2), idx);

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Monica Roberts
Monica Roberts il 17 Mag 2022
Sounds like a job for regexp. For example:
>> regexp("HX210.11.31.M7-LF S0060","HX210*-LF S0060")
ans =
>> regexp("HX210.11.31.M7-LF S0060","HX210*-RF S0060")
ans =
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Monica Roberts
Monica Roberts il 17 Mag 2022
Without seeing "data_raw" I'm not sure what the code should look like. What does this give you?
regexp(data_raw(:, 2),"HX210.*-LF S0060")

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