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alpedhuez il 18 Giu 2022
Commentato: alpedhuez il 18 Giu 2022
There is a webpage "test.com/data" and a file "2022_06_18_abdacadabra.xlsx" is posted on that webpage. There doeThe file name changes each day, like it was "2022_06_17_abdacadabra.xlsx." I want to be able to download this file using websave using the wildcard for the date part of the file name. How will it work?
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Chris Burschyk
Chris Burschyk il 18 Giu 2022
Maybe something like this. Only works if the file is downloadable via that url. Instead of 'today' you can use any other date.
url = sprintf("https://www.test.com/data/%s_abdacadabra.xlsx",datetime('today',"Format","yyyy_MM_dd"))
url = "https://www.test.com/data/2022_06_18_abdacadabra.xlsx"
Error using websave
The connection to URL 'https://www.test.com/data/2022_06_18_abdacadabra.xlsx' timed out after 5.000 seconds. The reason is "Connection timeout after 5100 ms". Perhaps the server is not responding or
weboptions.Timeout needs to be set to a higher value.
alpedhuez il 18 Giu 2022
Let me work on it.

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