ezfit using a function

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aneps il 8 Lug 2022
Modificato: Walter Roberson il 13 Lug 2022
I use ezfit to fit a gaussian in my data. It is straight forward as it is in the ezfit examples:
f1 = ezfit(x,counts,'gauss');
I want to fit my own function. So before doing that, I attempted using the equation of gaussian, exaclty the same equation in the ezfit documentation to fit the data ( http://www.fast.u-psud.fr/ezyfit/html/ezfit.html ). I am doing this to check if I am doing any mistakes. I did as follows
f1 = ezfit(x,counts,'a*exp(-(x-x0)^2/(2*s^2))');
This time it doesn't fit! Could you please tell me what is wrong in it?
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aneps il 13 Lug 2022
Still it doesn't fit! I used f1 = ezfit(x,counts,'y = a*exp(-(x-x0)^2/(2*s^2))');, it doesn;t work. But if I use f1 = ezfit(x,counts,'gauss'); it do the job! Don't understand what cause this difference. Data attached.. Here, first I plot the histogram of column 9. Then I do the curve fit on the histogram.

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