how to deal with an error with exportgraphics

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I write something like
hold on
hold off
(some other code for axis information)
exportgraphics(pl, 'test.tif', 'ContentType','vector')
Then got an error message
"Error using exportgraphics
The value of 'handle' is invalid. Specified handle is not valid for export."
What shall I do?

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 9 Jul 2022
Your pl is a handle to the curve that plot drew. It's not the handle to the entire graph. The last axes you drew to is called gca, so try
exportgraphics(gca, 'test.tif', 'ContentType','vector')

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Jan on 9 Jul 2022
Edited: Jan on 9 Jul 2022
As the documentation says, the handle must be:
axes | figure | standalone visualization | tiled chart layout | ...
plot replies a line-object. Solution:
AxesH = axes;
exportgraphics(AxesH, 'test.tif', 'ContentType','vector')
If you get an error message, read it carefully and compare it with the details given in the documentation:
doc exportgraphics
"The value of 'handle' is invalid" means, that the 1st input is the problem. So check, what is expected as 1st input.


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