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How to find the resolution of an matrix?

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Priyank Pathak
Priyank Pathak il 15 Lug 2022
Commentato: KSSV il 15 Lug 2022
%How to find the resolution of an matrix T which was formed from given data (Long, Lat, data). Difference between two long(lat)(117.000000000 117.033333333) position is 0.033333333degree or All data point is at regular interval. What would be resolution of matrix and its image? please answer it.
data_01= load('anomalydata.txt');
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Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE il 15 Lug 2022
both answers are correct , simply one is the angular resolution and the orther one is the corresponding distance resolution on the sphere surface. Both values are interconnected (dx = R * dtheta) so pick the one you need.
KSSV il 15 Lug 2022
Link is not working... That's the reason we have asked you to attach the data here.

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Priyank Pathak
Priyank Pathak il 15 Lug 2022
@Mathieu NOE @KSSV data is attached in matlab Drive in above link.

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