Can I use a nearest neighbor extrapolation strategy with interp1?

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Is there a way that interp1 can be set up to use a nearest neighbor extrapolation approach (while also using an alternate interpolation appraoch)? In other words, values that come prior to the start of a vector use the first value from that vector, and values that come after the end of a vector use the last value from that vector.
The only options appear to be 'extrap' which uses the interpolation method, and a specification of a value. Maybe there is a clever way to specify a condition here that would return a value for the start or end of the vector?

Accepted Answer

Matt J
Matt J on 4 Aug 2022
Edited: Matt J on 5 Aug 2022
If you want to mix interpolation and extrapolation methods, use griddedInterpolant instead:
ans = 1×3
1.0000 2.5000 5.0000

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