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Solver configuration error when using connection labels

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Hi all,
I am simulating a thermal system in Simscape. All the components are connected in the same network either by orange (thermal) lines or by connection labels (which is just a GoTo/From in Simscape from my understanding).
When I try to run the model, it tells me that I am missing solver configuration blocks. I have tried with just two components and I get the same error when I use connection labels to connect two networks.
The question is: is this a normal and expected behavior (as it allows to split networks even if they are connected and select different solvers) or is it a bug?

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Harshit il 13 Set 2023
I understand that you are experiencing an error while running a Thermal System model in Simscape that the model is ‘missing solver configuration blocks’.
It can be assumed that the issue lies in the absence of the Solver Configuration block in the circuit. To resolve this, you can add the 'Solver Configuration' block from the Simscape Utilities library. And then simply place it anywhere on the circuit.
Please note that each topologically distinct Simscape block diagram requires exactly one Solver Configuration block to be connected to it. This block specifies the global environment information and provides parameters for the solver that your model needs before you can begin simulation.
To find examples that utilize the Solver Configuration blocks, please refer to the following documentation:
For troubleshooting simulation errors, kindly consult the following documentation:
I hope the above information helps!


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