Question about using regressionLearner app

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Sierra on 11 Sep 2022
Answered: Drew on 10 Nov 2022 at 4:03
I ussd regressionLearner app to perporm Gaussian Process Regression.
and It was easy for me to use.
But I want to do one more thing which is not in the regressionLearner app.
according to this url, I can calculate 95% prediction interval.
but I cannot find anything about interval and I don't know how to do this with regressionLearner app.
Please let me know how to do this.

Answers (1)

Drew on 10 Nov 2022 at 4:03
Since the 95% prediction interval for GPR models is not viewable within the regression learner app, you can move to the matlab command line to view that information. You can do that by exporting the model and/or training function from the regression learner app (see, and then using code like the example that you referenced to obtain and view the 95% prediction interval.

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