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What is the difference between MATLAB r2022a and r2022b?

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After installing the MATLAB r2022a version, the r2022b version was also installed through the upgrade
Two programs r2022a and r2022b are installed on the computer at the same time, so can I delete the r2022a program?

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Isacc Alpala
Isacc Alpala il 1 Ott 2022
Modificato: Isacc Alpala il 1 Ott 2022
Yes, you can. Each version is independent from another. You can work just with MATLAB R2022b.
By the way, what do u mean with "the difference"? If u ask about letter "a" and "b" from each version, that just refers to each semester: "a" to first semester (and version) of the year, and "b" to second semester (and version) of the year.
But, if u wanna know about technical differences, u can read R2022b updates here:

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