creating a multiple dimensional timetable

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Dharmesh Joshi
Dharmesh Joshi il 17 Ott 2022
Commentato: Dharmesh Joshi il 18 Ott 2022
I would like to know if a multi-dimensional timetable is possible and if it would be the best solution for what I am trying to achieve.
I have multiple sensors that record temperature and humidity at least once a minute unless a user requests a refresh, where you might get more samples per min.
I would like to place all this data in a timetable, which I am currently doing, but this timetable only holds one sensor device only.
Is it possible to add multiple sensor data into one large timetable?
There are times when the sensor is switched off, or data is corrupted. We would like to obtain the average values from other sensors,
I believe this would be much simpler if all data were in one timetable rather than having multiple tables. Would that be correct?

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Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly il 17 Ott 2022
Modificato: Kevin Holly il 17 Ott 2022
Yes, you can merge them into one timetable using innerjoin. The sensors can even have different sampling rates or have duplicate timestamps.
Edit: If you were thinking about a 3D table. That wouldn't be possible. However, you can add each sensor's temperature and humidity recordings as additional columns.
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Dharmesh Joshi
Dharmesh Joshi il 17 Ott 2022
So after the merge, can I retrieve data for a particular sensor, with out all the other sensors?
Is it possible to average two tables together to create temporary 3rd table?
Dharmesh Joshi
Dharmesh Joshi il 18 Ott 2022
I am very knew at Matlab.
Can i create a table like this?
Where each device is a iteration of k?
And i have multiple functions or process, how can the same table be processed in one function and then read in another?
Do i need to save it to a file or is there a better way?

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