How to sum up multiple cell arrays (column-wise)?

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I have a set of data in the form of a 26x32 cell array. Each cell consists a 6x6 matrix. I have attached the dummy file here.
How can I sum up the values of each column, so the output is again a 1x32 cell array, where each cell contains a 6x6 matrix?
Thanks in advance!

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Matt J
Matt J il 16 Gen 2023
B=reshape( cell2mat(A(:).') ,6,6,26,32);
result =reshape( num2cell(sum(B,3),[1,2]) ,1,32);
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Jake il 16 Gen 2023
Thank you, Matt. This does the job nicely!
I'm simply curious though, is there a way to do this without reshaping the cell array? Or rather, without using cell2mat?
Matt J
Matt J il 16 Gen 2023
Modificato: Matt J il 16 Gen 2023
You can use a plain vanilla for-loop... I don't really understand why you are using cell arrays to begin with, since in your case the cell contents are all the same size. If you just hold things in the numeric form B instead, the summation is quite trivial, as you can see.

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