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Can I call a Raspberry pi object within a block, for a program deployed on Raspberry pi

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I am deploying an simulink algorithm on a raspberry pi, that connects to an i2c device.
All my testing has been done in matlab to communicate with the raspberry pi, to configure the registers...
mypi = raspi()
i2csensor = i2cdev(mypi,'i2c-1','0x20')
tmp_reg = uint8(readRegister(i2csensor,hex2dec('08'),'uint8'))
tmp_reg = bitand(tmp_reg,uint8(hex2dec('0x32'))) %mask the register
% do some operation
To implement this in simulink, (with multiple readRegister and writeRegister), I willl have to use numerous blocks and delays which will cause long complation time, overhead, a lot of debugging maybe, while I could reuse the code above.
However, since the connection with RaspberryPi will be in used (tune and monitor) I won't be able to create the "mypi" object.
Hence my question: can I retrive the raspi object created by simulink ?

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Nikhilesh il 31 Mar 2023
Hi Sylvain,
As per my understanding i belive you cannot retive the RasPi object created by simulink directly.


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