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Move message box to specific location

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Is it possible to display the message box in specified location, like legend location - north, south, east, west northeast ... ?
Or is it possible only by specifying the 'Position' as [30 30 120 35]
I have 9 message boxes. So it would be better if I could place the message boxes in 9 positions through code

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David Mattox
David Mattox il 24 Mag 2023
Same question... Found the answer.
hfmb = msgbox(sprintf('Max data boundaries:\n\t%9.2f < X <%9.2f\n\t%9.2f < Y <%9.2f\n\t%9.2f < Z <%9.2f\n',-4,4,-10,8,15,26),'Query Boundary','warn','warn');
set(hfmb,'position',[231.5000 660.1667 197 97.2500])
If I recall, position is [Left Bottom Width Height]

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Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi il 2 Mar 2023
Modificato: Dyuman Joshi il 2 Mar 2023
You can use annotation to make Text-boxes.
%dimension refers to size and the location of the box
dim = [0.15 0.15 0.25 0.05];
%the values correspond to [starting_x starting_y length height]
%The default units are normalized to the figure, uipanel or uitab, i.e.
%bottom left is (0,0) and top right is (1,1)
str = {'This is a sine curve'};
annotation('textbox', dim, 'String', str, 'FontSize', 8, 'FitBoxtoText', 'off')
%go through the documentation for more features


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