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how can I check checkers-activation-file versus checkers-selection-file

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What's the differ between a checkers-activation-file and a checkers-selection-file ?
Only the revision number in the xml-header ?

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Jinal il 15 Mar 2023
Hey Horst,
I understand that you wish to know the difference between ‘ checkers-activation-file’ and ‘checkers-selection-file’. Both Analysis Options are possible ways using which a custom set of coding rules can be defined and enabled for the Polyspace Bug Finder analysis. Though quite similar, there are a few differences in the usage of these options to enable customization.
For cases in which User Interface is not accessible, using the ‘-checkers-selection-file’ option you can modify writeable copies of XML files containing predefined rules for various coding standards. On the other hand, using ‘-checkers-activation-file’ option, you can activate the custom selection of coding rules and Bug Finder defects in a new activation XML file.
For more information you can refer the following links -checkers-activation-file -checkers-selection-file
I hope the above information resolves your query.

Anirban il 16 Mar 2023
Modificato: Anirban il 17 Mar 2023
Couple of differences:
  1. The option -checkers-activation-file allows you to specify all checkers supported by Bug Finder: defect checkers, checkers for coding standards such as MISRA-C:2012, etc. The option -checkers-selection-file does not support defect checkers.
  2. The option -checkers-activation-file both specifies the checkers and activates them. The option -checkers-selection-file only specifies a bunch of checkers. You then have to use an additional option to enable them. For instance, -checkers-selection-file afile.xml -misra3 from-file enables the MISRA-C:2012 standard and then picks checkers from afile.xml.
Basically, -checkers-activation-file is the new, improved way of specifying checkers. The older option -checkers-selection-file is there for compatibility reasons and might be removed at some point.




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