How to use XCORR Block to calculate the cross correlation?

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Hi Everyone
I have two sequences composed of 0 and 1. I need to calculate the correlation between these two sequences in simulink.
I know that I have to use XCorr and Buffer blocks. Tha schematic is attached. I have some question about it
1- I read about the Buffer block but I do not know how to use it in the sense of "Output Buffer size".
2- When I see the output of the XCORR block, it gives me different output that I do nnot understand that each of them relates to what. I have attached the output of XCORR
3- According to the graph, why the initial output is zero? it seems to have a delay.
Note that the length of sequences is 32.
Any help is appreciated.

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Daniel Yang
Daniel Yang on 15 Jun 2017
Hello, I also have this question. Specifically, why do the graphs of xcorr and the Cross Correlator block in simulink return different plots?
Thank you, Daniel

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